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  Current Ongoing ----
Activist CookBook
  Your incomplete guide to preparing the 'perfect' protest!
  about refugees, deportation, human rights, detention centres - from an australian perspective.
  autonomous web of liberation's web site including resources to other content.
  fan site for the dorks against the authority - comes with tunes for added surfing enjoyment.
  2000 ----
Blind Authority
  an everyone-owned corporation examining notions ofidentity, individuality, originality, value and truth.
s11 AWOL
  a reference and resource site for the autonomous web of liberation and their activities during s11
  a community information service project for those who prefer humans to machines
IPCFG Australia
  Institute for the Protection of Corporate Front Groups
  1999 ----
Melbourne N30 (Seattle) Actions
  fun and games during N30 WTO solidarity actions in Melbourne
  documentation (in audio) of a one-day event which focused on media and its use for challenging our world.
Echelon Resources
  links and references to content related to UKUSA intelligence network.
  a parody site about Victorian Premier Jeff Kennet. Jeff lost in September 1999.
Melbourne J18 / G8 Actions
  photo/video summary of days events, including the pie-facing of Kim Beazley.

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